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Consider how overly complicated we have made our lives. Valuing simplicity is something we already know we should do. Still, many of us continue (for various reasons) to clutter our thoughts and keep never-ending to-do lists and possessions we don’t even need or really want. 

Why is it so hard to get clarity about what we really want? Why do things for some sense of external validation or for people that, deep down, we don’t even like! We can’t always be on the go. Sometimes the best way to get clarity is to stop trying hard to find it. Take a breather, step away from your phone and reflect on what matters most. 

And when you finally get that clarity, go for what you really want. We hang on tightly to experiences and emotions that no longer serve us. True simplicity is living a life that serves you. Waking up every morning to do the things you want to do, with whom you want to do it. 

Often we are afraid to let go and do just that. But how freeing it is when you start that journey despite your fears. Small beginnings are beautiful. Slow journeys are peaceful. The company along the way is never really permanent, and that in itself is what makes your path to wherever it is you are headed less complicated. 

They say time spent under a palm tree is never wasted. It’s easy to find peace and solace when you’re surrounded by nature’s beauty and serenity. But this isn’t just about being in the moment —it’s about appreciating everything around you, even if it’s not perfect or ideal.

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