Balancing dreams, responsibilities and the seductive call of the couch

Balancing dreams, responsibilities and the seductive call of the couch

As I sit down to type my thoughts amidst the chaos of deadlines, dance practices, GCSE subject selection and grocery shopping lists, I find myself grappling with a familiar and age-old question: Am I doing too much? Is there such a thing as a perfect balance between dreams and responsibilities, or am I destined to hover on the precipice of exhaustion forever?

 Let's rewind a bit. I'm a proud business owner, partner, and a mother in her 40s, juggling a life that resembles a circus act more often than not. You know, the kind where you're the performer teetering on a tightrope, trying not to fall into the lion's den (aka the laundry pile). In my quest to conquer the world, or at least my own little corner of it, I've encountered the age-old struggle of motivation versus couch-lazing bliss (after all, I’ve earned a break by now, surely.)

 On any given day, after a whirlwind of work meetings, endless tasks (this month’s nemesis- HMRC), and managing the household, the allure of the couch is almost irresistible. And after trying to give kale a chance today, my tastebuds are still holding a grudge. The siren call of Netflix and a cosy blanket can be deafening, drowning out the echoes of my ambitious inner voice. "Just exist," it whispers seductively, promising a break from the perpetual to-do list.

 But here's the kicker – how do you put those dreams away? The ones that sparkle in your eyes when you close them at night (if you close them at all), the ones that drive you to caffeinate your way through Monday mornings? It's a conundrum, a philosophical debate between the desire to live in the moment and the drive to build a future that sparkles just as brightly.

 Balancing dreams and responsibilities feels a bit like tightrope walking in stilettos – precarious yet oddly exhilarating. There are days when I question whether I'm doing justice to any of my roles, be it as a mum, a business owner, or a partner. Shouldn't life be about simple existence, unburdened by the weight of aspirations?

 But then, just as I'm about to succumb to the couch's gravitational pull, a spark of energy ignites within me. Maybe it's the promise of achieving something greater or the fear of succumbing to a life devoid of purpose. Either way, I find myself picking up the juggling balls again – work, family, personal goals – and tossing them in the air, hoping they won't come crashing down.

 In this circus of life, where the lion's den never seems to empty and the tightrope never straightens, finding humour becomes essential. Laughter is the safety net that prevents the fall from becoming a free fall. Those Instagram memes are so addictive! So, here I am, sharing a knowing chuckle with you, my fellow jugglers, because let's face it – life is a comedy and we're all just trying not to take it too seriously.

 I am slowly realising that for now, the secret lies in embracing the chaos. Dreams and responsibilities don't have to be sworn enemies; they can be dance partners in this grand masquerade. And when the music of life gets too loud, it's perfectly okay to sit back, enjoy the show, and remind yourself that the circus is, after all, your creation.

 So, to all the mothers, business owners, partners, and dreamers out there – maybe the joy is in the juggle, not forgetting to build in time for your health and wellbeing. And who knows, maybe the couch will still be there for a well-deserved nap after the grand performance.

Here's to finding the perfect balance between dreams and responsibilities – with a sprinkle of humour and a dash of caffeine 


Keep on,

 Nina x


(P.S. I don't drink...yet!)

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